1978 Bobst Domino 100 M II-Matic

1978 Bobst Domino 100 M II-MaticFor Straight-line, Crash lock (Lock bottom), Double Wall Boxes, Record Sleeves and Padded Envelopes
Max. blank width 100 cm
MATIC Version, computer controlled presetting of all stations
Automatic adjustable lower left glue pot
Double overhead glue pots
HHS C-11 Electronic gluing with 4 guns + much more…

Fully Automatic 38″ x 54″ Mounter

Fully Automatic 38" x 54" MounterDesigned to mount offset sheets onto solid fibre or corrugated board with precision and speed up to 38″ x 54″ size.
This fully automatic mounter is in excellent working condition and can be seen in operation.

Electric Foam Cutter

Electric Foam CutterBrand new foam cutter for sample making mold design etc.
Purchased for a special project but never used.
Comes with a supply of speare cutting wire.
Save at least 50% from original cost!

Utility Label Applicator

Utility Label ApplicatorThis utility label applicator may be easily added to your production line.
Capable to do top,side or bottom labelling and are designed to be applied to any existing system.
Dispensing at variable speed up to 150 ft./min, max. 6” x 10” labels with 1/16” accuracy – this applicator can be a valuable addition to your operations.