65″ Seybold Cutter with Computer

Heavy Duty 65″ Seybold Guillotine  equipped with computer will effectively handle your large variety of cutting and trimming jobs. Regardless of the thickness of paper board or plastic material this cutter will cut them all with ease and precision. A large number of extra blades will be shipped with this cutter.



Seybold Guillotine 50”

Power cut and power gauge this large format paper cutter comes with extra blades – and in excellent working condition. And what is best …at a very low cost!

Seybold Heavy Duty Cutter 55”

Seybold Heavy Duty Cutter 55”Heavy duty Seybold guillotine is ideal for cutting board or plastic material.
Equipped with computer and safety features will add efficiency to your operations.
Electrical requirements 575V 3 Phase 25 amps.

Seybold 85” Guillotine

Seybold 85” GuillotineThis Seybold 85” guillotine is equipped with Lawson computer, safety lights and jogger.
It is fully hydraulic and mechanically sound.
It will handle any heavy duty jobs.