Thomson Saroglia Foil Stamper/Die Cutter

Thomson Saroglia 22″ x 29″ auto platen die cutter – foil stamper. A very versatile press. You may use it as an automatic die cutter or as a manual die cutter. Use it as a foil stamper embosser automatically or manually fed, It will handle a wide variety of materials from paper to board.


Ability for Foil Stamping, Embossing, Die Cutting, Thermal Die Cutting
Apply various types material from extra thin paper to corrugated cardboard
Operator’s console
2900 impressions per hour
110 Tons of Pressure
Center Impression Drive
Adjustable Impression Control
Over Tonnage Protection System
Dwell System
22” x 29” maximum sheet size
6” x 6” minimum sheet size
PLC Drive System
Saroglia Automatic Feeder
Telescopic Feeder Arm
Four (4) Zone Heating System
Honey Comb Chase with Quick Lock System
High Resale Value
Transverse Foil Pull System
Servo Foil Drive System
Foil Rewind System
Complete Die Cutting Equipment
Versatility- fast change over from Foil Stamping to Die Cutting
Machine can be used for Hand Feeding




Rabolini/Imperia Foil Stamper 33″ x 47″

2000 Imperia Model D Platen Foil Stamper 33″ x 47″ comes with automatic feed and delivery that may be easily converted to hand operation. Heating plate has 6 heat zones. The press is equipped with double mics, air clutch, dwell timer, operator controls, central lubrication system, safety guards and sensors – fully guarded. It is equipped with chase, honeycomb, cutting plates and tools. Plus a full set of manuals.


Heidelberg 10″ x 15″ Foil Stamper

Late model Heidelberg “red ball” 10″ x 15″ letterpress with factory installed  new “Quick Foil” foil stamping system with draw, electronic digital controller and heat plate.

The “Quick Foil” foil stamper will allow you a fast change over from foil stamping to embossing, printing or die cutting – without making any major change. It is guaranteed to perform – parts and accessories are available within 24 hours.

The demand for foil stamping is growing – let your business benefit from the increased interest.